Thursday, October 6, 2011

My TTC Mantra: "No Guilt"

I was raised Catholic, but I'm not sure whether that's where my guilt comes from or not. 

On a typical day I feel guilty that I haven't planned my classes better, graded that stack of essays, that I ate that whole Snickers bar, that I'm feeling so get the picture.

So TTC threw a whole new guilt-wrench into the equation.  No, don't drink that glass of wine.  Is that chicken organic?  Is my shampoo making me infertile because of all of the chemicals? 

Around the 8th month I decided I needed to chill out.  Hence my mantra, "No Guilt."

And so to quote my favorite animated movie of all time, which is awesome in 3-D by the way,

I will drink moderately, usually not during the two week wait.  I will not stress about whether my diet is 100% organic or whether or not I should have coffee or green tea.  I will live the same pretty-healthy life I have been living for the last 31 years.  And when I am stressed, I will get a massage, do yoga, or have a delicious glass of wine.


  1. I love this motto. It's so easy to get bogged down in the guilt!