Monday, October 24, 2011

Skincare while TTC

So when I went off of birth control, my face EXPLODED.  I mean I was walking around like an embarrassed 16 year old. And trust me; it's even worse when you are actually teaching 16 year olds every single day.  (Digression: when I was student teaching, an 8th grader left a note on my chair during class.  The note read: "Your armpits are sweaty."  My internal monologue: "Thanks kid. I know my armpits are sweaty!  Why do you think I've been trying to teach without lifting my arms.  Jerk.")  Kids are extremely honest and I was just waiting for a new note on my chair, this time about my face.  Luckily I teach high school and these students are slightly more tactful and respectful.  No one ever mentioned my disgusting face, but I worried about it every. single. day.

When I went to the dermatologist, I mentioned that I was TTC because I knew that many medications were not good for babies.  This was back in the days when I thought I would be pregnant any day...ah my blissful ignorance of the true TTC journey that awaited me...

Anyway, he told me that all medications are rated from A-Z on a safety level for pregnancy.  Accutane is a Z.  There is a warning on the bottle (and even pictures I've heard) about severe birth defects.  There are no medications that are an A.  But the doctor proscribed Clindamycin Gel for me that is classified as a B.  He said that he would be comfortable with his wife taking it while pregnant although he said I could always stop if needed.

It was slow, but my face really did clear up; at least the crazy oil sheen disappeared.  My skin had been clear and basically normal for about 11 years.  I often got compliments on it.  Coping with my "new skin" was really difficult!

Here's how I know it worked.  When I got pregnant last month, I stopped using the gel.  I didn't really think about it.  But a few days ago I noticed that my face was getting really oil and ridiculous again.  I thought maybe it's just the time of year, since it was September/October last time too, but then I's been a month since I used the Clindamycin.  Duh!

I also started using the cleanser/moisturizer combo of CeraVe.  My skin never really liked the uber-popular, Cetaphil and it's been really hard to find the right cleanser.  Also, I have very sensitive skin.  Many products feel like they burn and I get red easily.  I LOVE the CeraVe cleanser.  I have also tried 3 of their moisurtizers.  I like the PM moisturizer, do no like the AM moisturizer, and am unsure about the big bottle of moisturizing lotion.  Overall, I highly recommend CeraVe. It's a little expensive, but very gentle and worth it!

I was hoping my face would correct itself, but apparently not.  Thank goodness for dermatologists!

What's your face routine post BC?


  1. I just started BACK on BC (thanks to that lovely ruptured cyst you read about yesterday!) but when I was off, my face stayed pretty clear. Full disclosure though: I took Z level Accutane when I was 19, and in spite of its scary side effects, it totally cleared up my previously crazy skin.

    My favorite face wash is Neutrogena Deep Cream Cleanse, and I use a Clarisonic skin care brush my mom gave me for Christmas last year (I would never shell out that kind of money myself, but it's great!)

    I'm also a fan of that big tub of CeraVe.

  2. @Carrie - I totally want the Clarisonic! Does it really work? I want to check out the big tub seems like it would be good for Winter.

  3. Sorry, just spotted this reply now - I LOVE my Clarisonic, and I definitely think it makes a difference. You might break out worse at first, but after a week or two your skin feels incredible smooth and clean.