Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Selfish Biyatch: Jealousy - Part 2

I'm still jealous of every single person who has a) gotten married after me and is pregnant or b) got pregnant right away, barely trying.

BUT - the rest of my jealousy evaporated around month 6 when my sister got pregnant.

It wasn't pretty at first.  Sister GG called me at school one afternoon and told me that she was pregnant.  We had a short conversation and then I cried.  I did.  I'm the selfish older sister who was upset that she got married first and was even more upset when she got pregnant before me, without really trying.  (She's 3 years younger than me and got married 1 year earlier).

Then she called me 3 weeks later because she was miscarrying.  I have never felt more empathy for someone else as well as extreme embarrassed guilt at myself.  I will never be upset for a second when someone I care about says they are pregnant.  It shouldn't have taken my sister's pain to shock me out of my self-centeredness, but it did.  In general, I am a much calmer, less bitter person.

The army of moms that interrupted my run at the park with their stroller-aerobics class though, jealousy on.

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