Sunday, October 2, 2011

BFP...for 4 1/2 days

Mr. GG and I were elated when after 13 long months, we got a BFP!  Honestly, I kinda thought First Response tests just didn't work since I'd never seen anything but white space.  I carried the stick around the house with me all day so I could keep reminding myself it was real.

I knew I was pregnant this time.  I had implantation spotting starting on Day 7.  I'm a chronic spotter, but never that early.  I also had crazy strong cramps along with the spotting and EXTREME fatigue on 7 and 8 dpo.  I took the test at 10 dpo and I wasn't surprised that it was positive.

The next 4 days were crazy. I seriously couldn't quite believe that I was pregnant after all this time.  I took another test on Sunday.  I joined all of the early pregnancy boards and looked up which books to buy.  I told my mom and sister on Saturday and few others on Monday and Tuesday.  We agreed not to really tell anyone until safe time, but I couldn't keep it completely to myself.

And then my temp dropped.

It happened Tuesday morning.  I spent every spare moment between classes googling temp drops in early pregnancy.  Finally I found a post where a girl said that her temps were always low when she went to bed with wet hair. I did that Monday night!  I was excited to find an excuse for the temp, but I've realized over the last year that if it's that hard to find another person who has your symptom, it's probably not a good thing.

To be continued...

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