Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mr. GG's Biggest Sacrifice: The Hot Tub

Poor Mr. GG loves the hot tub.  I love it too, but not quite like Mr. GG.  He would get his hot tub on every day if he could.

We got our hot tub shortly after moving into our current house about 3 years ago.  We used it frequently; probably 3-4 nights a week.  I liked to go in there because Mr. GG is a little bit ADD and having him in a confined space with no distractions allowed me to get his full attention : ).  It was our fun little night-time routine.  He goes outside, hangs the towels on the fence, takes the cover off and gets in.  I run out after with a plastic cup full of wine and jump in quickly so I don't freeze.  We even have a exit-deal.  He has to get out first and get the towels if it's dark, but I have to do it if it's still light out.  Oh the twilight debates...

Now, our hot tub is lonely (and probably filled with algae).

Sadly, Mr. GG has not been in a hot tub since our honeymoon in Costa Rica in August of 2010.

He understands that the temps can kill his little men and he doesn't want to have any personal excuse for our inability to get pregnant.  But I don't think he thought his hot tub ban would last this long!

Sad/funny note: As soon as I found out that I was pregnant last month, just about the first thing he said was, "So does that mean I get to go in the hot tub?"  My response: "Yes honey, as soon as the first trimester is over."  Good thing he waited! : /

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