Friday, October 21, 2011

My Life Outside TTC

I need to step away from baby talk for a day I think.

So I won't mention that I confirmed yesterday that both women at school who got married significantly after me are both noticeably pregnant.  Good for them : /.  And I won't talk about the fact that my temp dropped today and that this cycle is just about over.  Good riddance.  I hate this cycle anyway....

Let's talk about the fact that I am a Champion!  No, really.  My indoor soccer team won the playoffs last night.  It was quite exciting.  The first game was competitive but we won 2-0, a very low score for indoor.  But the second game was against our arch-nemesis the Yellow team!  I hate that team.  A lot.

They scored first and second, both on mistakes we made.  There were also 2 blue cards issued in the first 5 minutes (where a player is ejected for 2 minutes, kind of like hockey).  The second blue card foul was committed against me because this girl checked me into the wall.  Ouch.  I might have called her an F'ing Biyatch.  Whoops! (Totally out of character for me.  I was pissed!). 

By half-time, we were up 4-3 after scoring some awesome goals, one right after another.  I had the assist on one : ).  We worked super hard to keep them from scoring the tying goal, but we got lazy for a second and they scored with about 2 minutes left, which took us too....penalty shots!

I really did not want to take one of the penalty shots.  I can make them occasionally, but the last time I missed, I re-played the shot over and over in my mind for at least the next 24 hours.  I can be pretty hard on myself.  So the plan was for me to go last.  First shot, in!  Second shot in! Third and Fourth - not in.  It's now 2-2.  We make our last shot, they miss....AND WE WIN!!!!!  It is kind of exciting even though it's just a co-ed YMCA league.

Today I can't move my neck, I have turf burn on my thigh, a scrape on a bruise on each arm respectively, an ankle that is slowly turning blue....and a Champion t-shirt!  Woo Hoo!  Hopefully I'll still be able to play in my other league tonight!

Thanks for reading my totally un-baby-related stress-relieving recap : )

How do the rest of you stay in shape?


  1. Congrats on the championship! Your battle scars are definitely worth it ;)

    I run! I'm training for a half marathon relay with my younger sister is 2 weeks and in the midst of TTC craziness I think having a fitness outlet is so important!

  2. @Elley - Totally agreed! Good luck in the relay!

    I won another championship tonight with another team : ) At least I am #winning at something!