Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hitting the "Window"

In my extensive TTC research, I learned some things I never knew before.  Like that sperm can live for up to 5 days and that an egg lives for 12-36 hours.  And consequently, I didn't need to be so freaked out about getting accidentally pregnant throughout my 20s.  

But I also think this info gave me a false sense of confidence.  I have tracked every single baby-dance (remind me to think of a new term for this!) for the last 14 months.  If we BDd within 5 days of getting an egg on the CBFM or temp rise since I've been charting, I felt like we were successful.  Sure, we tried to do it more often than that, but it didn't always work out.  Mr. GG and I have definitely had at least double the amount of sex in the last year compared to the previous year.  

"Let's just do it tomorrow..."

Here's the problem with our timing; my cycles have ranged from 27 to 40 days during those months.  For the first few months I wasn't using the CBFM or charting temps and we probably quit too early each month.  During the CBFM phase, I don't think it was accurate; therefore, we again may have quit too early.  Since I started charting we've done much better, but life gets in the way some times.

Bottom line: It is absolutely possible that Mr. GG and I have mis-timed things for an entire year, just by accident!

I think my fertile "window" is on the shorter side.  So rather than 5 days, I think we've got more like 12-24 hours.  Last month, we hit it.  This month we did too.  

1 dpo today.  Fingers crossed.

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