Friday, February 10, 2012

Damned Spotting!

I've complained about the first 2 weeks of the cycle (or the 1st 3 as they were for me before Clomid).  And I've complained about the stress during O time.  But I've come to the conclusion that my current part of the cycle is worse than that.

I planned for today.  I figured it was probably coming, while hoping against it.  I even saved my black underwear because I knew it might be soon.

I'm 13 dpo and spotting. 

By all odds, and my previous history, AF will be here on Sunday.  I pretty much know that today, but I can do nothing about it.  I can't drink because I'm at the very end of the cycle and I can't do anything to make me get pregnant.  All I can do it wait.  But in a more negative state of mind than I was waiting in yesterday.

This is my L.A. trip weekend.  I'm meeting two friends from college and we are going out to dinner on Saturday night.  Friend #1 (as you might remember) is SUPER pregnant with boy #2.  She sent me an email about our plans during the day tomorrow that was entirely about nap times and pregnancy brain.  I haven't talked to her much since my wedding (and the birth of boy #1) so I doubt she has any clue that we are struggling. 

I was so hoping that I could go up there knowing that I was pregnant which would allow me to listen to all of her stories more closely and not compare them to my own sad situation.

But alas, I still don't know.  So I will be thinking about my spotting and wondering if it has turned into AF while she is catching me up about baby's first year.  Oh well.

Not to belabor the spotting issue, but what are your personal stories about spotting?  Do you have friends who have spotted right before getting a BFP?  I've definitely seen it happen, but you have to search really hard.  Also, many people report a BFP but do not come back to report on chemical pregnancy or miscarriage so I would imagine the numbers are even lower than the cases I can find on the internet.

So if you want to give me some spotting hope, please leave a comment.  But feel free to tell me the honest truth too...I'm prepared.


  1. My best friend is pregnant with #2. She called me to say she was getting her period and was out and then 2 weeks later told me she was pregnant. She just spotted a little but never got a full AF and finally took a test and - Voila - She was actually pregnant. So there is still hope! Hang in there - go to LA and try to just enjoy the distraction, even if it's filled with baby talk.

  2. I wish I had stories for you - unfortunately, I haven't really had it before - I usually go blaring into pretty horrific AF's. (Especially when they're drug-induced withdrawal bleeds.)

    Sending you lots of strength to get through the trip! x

  3. I'm a spotter before AF. I also was a spotter before my only pregnancy which ended in miscarriage.....I am no help or hope. Did someone say mental torment every month.....