Monday, February 20, 2012

A Good Day.

I'm in a the mood for an upbeat post.  I've got one of the questioning, what is life going to give me kind of posts ready to go, but it just doesn't feel right today.

Because it's beautiful outside.  I'm on the last day of a 4 day weekend.  And my mood is not searching and restless, it's happy/calm.

Maybe it's because I've had a great weekend.  On Friday I took the girl I mentor out for breakfast.  She switched schools so I haven't seen her in awhile.  She is doing great at her new school and it was good to take her out and spoil her a bit.

On Saturday my Dad and Grandpa came down.  My sister made a full turkey dinner and we had a late (delicious!) Thanksgiving in February to celebrate Grandpa's 91st birthday.  In the morning I made breakfast at my house.  Eggs with peppers and onions, cinnamon rolls, fresh fruit. Yum.

And then last night I had a girls' wine tasting party at my house.  I used 15 champagne glasses and poured an ounce of each wine and we took notes and rated them and discussed.  Very professional! : )  Then we watched The Holiday while drinking our favorites.  Oh and had delicious Artichoke pizza and baked Turtle brownies.  

I took a break from writing to take Stella out for a walk.  She's getting so big already!  But everyone loves her.  She is beautiful and so lovey when she's tired.  (I know she looks big in this pic, but she's actually only about 11 pounds!)

I'm a little bit excited about this cycle.  I feel like it's our one last shot to conceive this baby naturally.  We start trying on Tuesday or Wednesday and are going to really stick to an every other day schedule.  I don't know when I will ovulate this month since it was 12 and 14 on Clomid and 17-22 without Clomid.  I'm feeling like it'll be on the earlier side.

Mr. GG and I agreed to switch off doing something special on each of the BD days to make it more fun and exciting.  I've got a couple of new outfits to try out for him.  I really should have used that waxing gift certificate he gave me ages ago, but I guess he'll have to deal with shaving...

And our re-evaluation appointment with RE is on Wednesday.  I'm very anxious/excited about it.  I want to know what next is and what he still thinks our chances are.  It would be awesome if he'd throw in a free ultrasound to see how everything is progressing this month, but I won't hold my breath for that.

Happy President's Day!  I hope you are enjoying yourself.

I think I'll go schedule a massage now...


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog - the support is so helpful in staying sane. Your dog is ADORABLE - I want to take her home! And good luck with this cycle, excited for you.

  2. She is so adorable! Only 11 lbs? She does look bigger than that. Good luck with your week of fun!