Sunday, February 5, 2012

An Ode to my Underwear

Today my laundry is done.  Dozens of pairs of underwear hang from my drying rack.  I retrieved two pairs from my lawn where my puppy had taken them.  I am excited to get dressed today and put on a great pair of underwear! 

Am I alone in my excitement here?  You see I don't do laundry very often (like once a month or slightly less than that often) and so the last week before laundry is when I break out all of the old too loose or too tight undies.  And my day never seems to go as smoothly when I'm wearing an ill-fitting old pair of underwear.

And by undies, I mean thongs.  I only wear "granny panties" when I work out or play soccer.

My favorite thongs are the Hanky Panky style lace thongs (low rise).

I bought my first Hanky Panky Low Rise thong a couple of years ago.  I was shocked paying $20 for one pair of underwear, but I figured a splurge makes sense every now and then.  My wedding undies were also Hanky Panky with tiny little blue bows in the back.

I buy most of my undies at Victoria's Secret so when I saw their lace thongs, I immediately bought 3 or 5 or whatever amount they made me buy that day in order to not pay full price.

And then I happened to need to go to Frederick's of Hollywood to return a bridal shower gift and saw more lace thong panties.  I definitely bought 5 there. 

My reviews: 
  • Hanky Panky - B+ - the only detractor is the price
  • Victoria's Secret - C - they get loose and literally almost fall down
  • Frederick's - A+ - nice and stretchy (therefore perfectly fitted), lots of bright pretty colors, cheap!
I know that I could just do my laundry more often.  Or buy all lace thong underwear, but I don't see this character trait changing anytime soon.

So for at least the next two weeks, you can be assured that I will be perfectly comfy!

**Just had to chase Stella down in the backyard with the very same blank pair pictured above in her mouth.  Guess I better go put the laundry away now...**

(9 dpiui today...hoping for twinges and cramping, but not quite feeling anything...jury still out)


  1. This is going to sound ridiculous, but I'm so glad to hear about your Victorias Secret panties. Part of me was afraid my bum got bigger and stretched them out. :) I love my Fredrick's lingerie, too. Lots of sexy, minimal $!

    1. I think it's ridiculous that they stress out! Definitely not your booty : )

    2. Wow, look where my mind was yesterday, obviously I meant "stretch" out!

  2. Holy cow DH would love reading this post right now....I haven't been wearing my thongs as often and he's complaining that the "grannies" aren't letting my thongs come out and play. LOL! Too cute! Looks like I'll have to stop by Frederick's.

    1. Haha! Yeah DH thinks all women wear thongs all the time. That wasn't true for me until I finally found comfortable ones.