Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Just a Quick Update....

Today is 12 dpiui and I think 11 dpo.  I'm pretty positive that I O'd the day after the IUI which is fine.

I caved and took a test yesterday morning even though I wanted to hold out until Saturday.

When I asked Mr. GG the night before whether I should test tomorrow, he said to wait until Friday.  I replied, You can't just tell me to wait until Friday without even thinking about it when I've been obsessing about it for days!  Men.

Anyway, it was a BFN and it definitely made me unhappy.  But like always, I still held out about 10% hope yesterday.  I just feel something this month.  It's really small, but I just think maybe.  But whatever.  I've kind of thought this before.  Also, the test was a digital...just fyi.

Today I thought I'd just use an OPK instead, one of the cheapies, since I don't want to use them as OPKs anymore anyway.  I thought that the line was pretty dark.  Not as dark as the control line, but definitely not light.  That made me happy.  Now I can just keep using those and see if they get darker.

In case you didn't already know, OPKs can read HCG but pregnancy tests cannot read LH.  It has to do with the shape of the molecules.  Their very similar, but according to some sites I've read, HCG has "a little hat." 

So that is where I am at.  I REALLY want this month to work.  I'm starting to despair.  Like having a baby is hopeless kind of despair (not depression despair).  Either way, it sucks.  I feel broken.  And I want it to work already.

Next month is the re-evaluation month (no meds).  Then IVF?  We shall see...


  1. Not to get your hopes up, but I was just yesterday talking to a friend who had sworn off testing...her husband had hid her pregnancy tests. She took an opk on day 12 and it was just as you described. She tested for real shortly after and got her positive. I hope you have the same experience!

    1. Nothing can get my hopes majorly up after all this time, but I hope this is the case for me too!

  2. The entire last paragraph? I felt like I wrote it.
    I think everyone dealing with this terrible bitch IF feels like this!

    That's why we blog, we are here for each other.

    <3 to you and I hope this is YOUR month!!!

  3. I have been following you on Weddingbee and really hope this is your month. I think even if you do conceive your odds of a test result showing positive this early are not that high (like under 50%? I'd have to look at the box). Still, totally understand the need to test. Anyways, good luck, I really hope you get your great news this weekend.