Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Unapologetically Love Valentine's Day : )

Today seems like a good day to write a happy post on a holiday (made up or not) that makes me happy.
I actually baked last night.  I did have to throw away one batch of brownies.  I used old vegetable oil in the one batch.  Anyone else ever done that?  And they were disgusting!  But still, I baked.

And I spent two hours putting together tiny little Winnie the Pooh and Glee Valentine's for 60 of my students.

I have loved Valentine's Day for as long as I remember.

  • Making a huge construction paper heart envelope and putting it on the back of my little chair in elementary school and then anxiously waiting to see what everyone said...

  • Making personalized Valentine's for my BFFs in Junior High and even one for the guy I liked (which I still have because I never gave it to him - I actually had a dream about him last night!  He was a cutie and I loved him for years...).

  • Getting a cheesy, cheap ring with a red heart-shaped stone from my boyfriend.

  • Getting a care package from my mom with cute little stuffed bee bear with heart antenna in my dorm mailbox in college.

  • Having my face turn bright red when my boyfriend (Mr. GG) shows up during 2nd period with flowers. (3 years ago)

  • Having Mr. GG, now husband show up with lunch from Panera (my favorite) and alcohol free sparkling wine and little plastic champagne glasses! (that was last year)

  • And yesterday a huge vase of roses showed up for me : ).  Yes, a day early. 
Maybe I've just had good experiences with V-Day, but I also bring them upon myself.  I might always remind Mr. GG about V-Day to make sure he hasn't forgotten...

But I also take care of my single friends.  One in particular is quite depressed about being 32 and single.  I got her a card (from my dog) and coffee before school today, then sent her other cheesy Valentines at other points throughout the day.  And since Mr. GG is not home until 7:30 tonight, we'll go get some nice red wine at happy hour this evening.

So even if you hate today, and if you do I bet you didn't read this post anyway, I want to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day.  I love you!!  (I really do.)

-Mrs. Green Grass

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