Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm Bringing Sexy Back....Well, Trying To

I mentioned yesterday that Mr. GG and I are trading off nights to initiate BD time in order to keep it fun. 

It's been 3 months since we've had to go full force and we've enjoyed the break.  We are NOT a BD every other day type of couple.  We are a BD a few times a month type of couple.  So...

How should I bring the sexy back?  I need your help!

Mr. GG has a slight foot fetish and always compliments my "pretty feet" so I made sure to paint my fingers and toes last night.  Although I didn't get waxed like I should have to really bring on the sexy, I will make sure to be nicely shaved this evening.  I bought a new nightie from Target awhile ago that I think I'll bust out tonight.  Mr. GG is not a lingerie guy.  It's off before he's really looked at it, but I've realized that wearing sexier clothes around the house sets the mood a little bit earlier.

Unlike this scene from "Extract."

If I chose the right trailer (sorry, first time embedding video) then it starts at the 30 second mark.

So I need some ideas of easy romantic man-centric things to do on weekdays to set the mood. 

I think we'll also have one weekend thrown in, so a couple of more elaborate ideas won't hurt either.

What should I do??


  1. How about some porn?! I did it once and we laughed about it more than anything else but it helped to make the routine not-so routine!

    1. We actually bought some porn from the 70's a few years ago. It's much more soft-core and kind of funny at the same time. I'll have to check the title and recommend it! : )

  2. Hey girl! Just wanted to check in and see how your consult went. Hope it went well.