Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our TTC Decision

*Since I am "not thinking about babies" during this two week wait, most of my posts will be snapshots of the past.*

Mr. GG and I actually broke up before we got engaged after dating for about 3 years.  The main sticking point was children.  He knew I wanted them, he wasn't so sure.  He's 42 now (40 then, me 29) and had lived a long time without kids.  It was a sad, but no-drama break up.  We just had to do it. 

We continued to talk and there might have been some booty-call action, but we both started to date other people and try to move on.  Neither of us were happy being apart.  One day he told me that he couldn't talk to me anymore, that it was too hard.  In the long conversation that followed...via text of some point I said that I would be ok with only having one kid.  I have always wanted two, like in my family.

Apparently, this willingness to compromise was all he needed and that along with the time to think without marriage pressure over his head, allowed Mr. GG to decide that he really wanted a kid (and me) after-all.

Since that day, our relationship really has been fantastic.  Even though our TTC journey has not gone as planned, we've managed to keep each other happy and feeling supported.

Because of Mr. GG's age, we knew we wanted to start right away after getting married.  So I had basically a year to start reading the Weddingbee baby boards and get myself ready and psyched up for actually having a baby.  I had already started taking prenatals.  I took my last pill halfway through our honeymoon...and there it began.

I thought then that my son or daughter would be 6 months old by now.

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  1. That last line about how you thought your son or daughter would be 6 months old by now really got me. Thinking of you. (((Hugs)))