Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Losing my mind? A Day in my life.

This post will be a little journal-style.

The alarm first goes of at 5:27, but I'm a habitually snoozer, so I finally get out of bed a few minutes after 6.  Mr. GG has an early morning flight to Bermuda so this is one of the few days that he's up at the same time.  I'm out the door by 6:25.  I've got my morning routine down to a science since I love to sleep : ).


We had a debate during first period.  It went great except for one boy, who I think was probably on drugs, yelling at the rest of the class while coming up with ridiculous comments.  I spent the first 10 minutes of 2nd period getting a VP to call him in and check it out.

It was a half day today so after meeting two students quickly after school, I dashed off with my two BF teacher friends to get a pita and a smoothie.  This is where I started to realize I was losing my mind.  It got out of the car but didn't have my car keys.  They were still in the ignition!  Luckily the car was off and the door was open and we had a laugh about it.

I called or emailed about 10 parents whose students are currently getting D's or F's and realized that for half of them, the parent doesn't have a clue, the other half, the parent doesn't give a shit, the other half again, the parent is at their wits end and has no idea what to do, and for all that one parent seems with it and says they will take care of it and not let it happen again. (Although he had no idea until I told him today, 2 weeks before the end of the semester.)

Then I met with the 24 year old brother of one of my AP students who is failing with a 40%.  I think he's been in class half of the days I've had him and I'm pretty sure he's high the rest of the time, or maybe the same time, I don't really know.  This older brother is trying to be the role model parent even though they both have two parents in their home.  Dysfunction.  I get it.  I counseled the brother to the best of my ability and commended him for what he's trying to do.

Ok...school day ended and that meant, acupuncture time!  But I called my sister (illegally while driving...shh! don't tell!) and she casually asked how this month was going.  That was the perfectly subtle way for her to ask how it was going without any pressure or weirdness and I really appreciated it.  She reminded me that she felt absolutely no symptoms the month she got pg and that she totally counted herself at.  That was exactly what I needed to hear today : )

Acupuncture went well.  She mentioned that the little bruise underneath my belly button that I noticed the other day is her fault.  I thought myabe my jeans button was rubbing off on me...it's the exact same spot, but no.  She also asked about the 3x2 inch eggplant colored bruise on my bicep - soccer injury.

I felt great after the appointment and went to Whole Foods to get dinner.  I leisurely went down every single one of the aisles, picked up some grapefruit, tangelos, celery, quinoa, and some sushi. 

During my shower I put conditioner in my palm while shampoo was still in my hair.  Again, losing my mind.

I treated myself to a small glass of Sauvingnon Blanc with dinner and then caught up on the computer while watching The Bachelor from last night.  I like the red head.

I was on my WB threads throughout the day and felt smiles and positivity from around the internet.  I love my internet friends : )  I feel the support and I also love having something to take my mind off of myself!

I hope you don't mind too much that I haven't been talking about the TWW.  I'm 8 dpo.  Not sure what the testing/waiting plan is for the month, but for now I'm just pretending nothing is happening and it's going surprisingly well!

Thanks for taking a rambling glimpse into my life (if you actually made it this far). 


  1. Wow you're a machine! There's no way I could get ready that fast! Also, I like the girl he took on the first single date but I really liked the redhead too. Unfortunately I don't think Ben is the best judge of character...we'll see!

  2. @Elley - I like the first girl too, but Blakely? Craziness. I heard an interview today that made it sound like he's not with anyone...

    And I missed Biggest Loser last night. I went to bed at 8:30!

  3. Maybe you have early pregnancy brain ;-) Keeping my fingers crossed for you!