Thursday, January 26, 2012

Triggered Already, What?!

Two posts in a day...crazy, I know.

The first thing the NP said after she started the ultrasound was that my lining looked way better.  I literally asked "really?" with a huge grin on my face.  You see on the car ride to the RE's office, I prepared myself.  I said I would be upset (justifiably) with 5 like last month, ok with 6, happy with 7, and super excited at anything above 7.  Normal people usually measure 8mm and above.  She measured and it was 7, therefore, I am "happy". : )

Next she got to my left ovary and said there was nothing going on.  Nothing?  Hmm...  Not reassuring.  Then on the right (which is definitely tender) she found 3 follies: at 21, 17, and 14mm.  I've never had a 21 on CD11 before.  She said because of it's size it looked like I would surge soon and we decided to trigger instead so that I could avoid those hateful OPKs and get everything set and scheduled tomorrow.  And also to avoid ovulating before my appointment.

I'm going to ovulate on CD12 this month.  Crazy!  That means my cycle will only be 25 or 26 days. 

Just the other day Mr. GG was saying, we're ready for the IUI already?  It seems like we just did one.  I totally agree.  What a difference a week shorter cycle really makes!

I also excited that we're doing an IUI 24 hours after trigger.  For the first IUI I didn't surge until the afternoon and had already O'd by my appointment in the morning.  Last month we did it 36 hours after.  I didn't temp, so I don't know if I O'd before or after that.  But 24 makes me feel like I'll O right after the IUI which seems perfect.

If you're counting this pushes my due date forward to October 20th...  Yes I know it's silly to know that every single month.

And since I wrote this in the afternoon and am posting at night, I'll also mention my meltdown tonight.  I'm stressed that we haven't had ANY sex on our own this month - well since before last month's IUI - and that somehow I will ovulate before my IUI tomorrow not that it would be the worst ever but I really want to O after.  And I'm tired from the puppy keeping me up and I had a big department meeting that I had to plan and it's the end of the semester so grades are due on Monday and I have a ton of essays to grade and Mr. GG didn't answer his freaking phone until 3:00 today...didn't even text me back and then I spiraled into a annoyingly horrible bad mood and ended up crying on the way home from picking up Chinese food.  And I'm not totally sure why...I really just think I'm tired and stressed.  End stream of consciousness rant.


  1. Hang in there! Sending you positive thoughts that this IUI will work for you. The timing sounds good. If it makes you feel any better, I had a progesterone-induced fit because my hubby irked me and cried for an entire 45 min hike yesterday.Not one of my finer moments but it happens.

  2. Sounds like a lot of us were having a tough week. However, that is fantastic news re: your lining and the early O date! Oh, and October is a wonderful month to be born ;)