Thursday, January 26, 2012

E-Stim my Ovaries?

So I had my 4th acupuncture session last night.  I'm not sure if it's because I went slightly later in my cycle (Day 10) or because the first cycle was unsuccessful, but she tried a whole bunch of new things last night.

She put a lot more needles in, especially in my abdomen.  Usually she uses 4 there and about 6 more around my body.  Last night there were at least 6 in my abdomen and quite a few every else.  Then she asked if I minded using electrical stimulation to further stimulate blood flow to my ovaries.  I said sure!

The only experience I have had with e-stim was during physical therapy after I badly sprained my ankle in high school.  They attached something to my foot and all I remember is that it made my big toe twitch every time it pulsed. 

It was like this picture, but in my abdomen.  She connected the wires to just 2 needles, the ones right above each ovary.  She said I would feel a tapping sensation and that was basically what it was.  Weird.  And cool at the same time.

She also played a fertility meditation CD for me instead of the usual spa music.  I dozed in and out during the 2 meditations (it was 7 o'clock, dark, and the puppy has been keeping me from sleeping) but I remember a few things. 

The first one was about finding my true self at some point inside my body.  I'm not very experienced at meditation, but I'm very open to it and believe it has major power in controlling your body.  So I really tried hard to focus and do and feel the things the CD said.  I somehow pictured myself sitting on a lily pad in the "Om" pose but it was all centered in my chest and I was looking at myself from above.  Also weird.

The second meditation was about opening your heart.  There are a few statements that stuck out that I still remember today.  One, was to experience joy in your life, now, every day, don't wait for joy to come.  This is part of opening your heart to be ready for a baby.  I think it's such a fabulous statement that we all need to keep in mind.  The second I remember was opening the channel between your heart and your uterus.  I really tried and I think I pictured this happening (in an abstract art kind of way).  More weird.

I still think she leaves me in the room by myself for way too long - like 45 minutes.  I can't really handle more than 30 without going stir crazy, but otherwise I think it was a good night.

In other related news, I FEEL my ovaries this week.  They feel super full.  It's weird.  Hopefully that means that a few nice big follies are fighting for space in each one.  (And not that I've been over-stimulated - but there's no pain, just an odd feeling). My ultrasound is today - yay!  So I will let you know how it went soon.  I still feel that we're on track for the IUI on Sunday.  I'm having a little trouble temping accurately because of the puppy so I'm a little nervous about timing everything.  I'm doing my OPKs.  Did I mention last month that I bought like 4 different brands to make sure that I didn't miss it?  Yeah.  I hate them and they stress me out.  I'm doing the Clearblue Digital and the First Response both each morning.  I guess I probably need to add the afternoon starting today...HATE IT.  But maybe I'll trigger again and then I can stop worrying about it.

I hope all of you out there are doing well and are happy.  I know quite a few women that are in really difficult places right now both with hope after IVF transfer and dissapointment after interventions not working out and my heart goes out to all of you!!  Remember experience joy in your life, now, every day, don't wait for joy to come.


  1. I had e-stim before! Kinda odd eh? I had taken a little acupuncture break but maybe thinking about calling for an appointment this weekend. Totally agree about the going stir crazy part! 45 minutes is a loooong time.

  2. I had e-stim with acu to help thicken my uterine lining. It was a strange experience. I'm still getting acupuncture and I swear that it was one of the reasons I was able to get PG before IVF and I believe it would have helped me if I'd moved on to it...hope that it brings you your BFP soon!

  3. I so hope that it's the "cure" for me too! We'll see...