Monday, January 2, 2012

IUI #2: Baby Taylor

I am in Champagne Bakery cafe waiting for 10:15 and IUI #2. Mr. GG is coming this time. Last time he had a conflict, but it didn't end up happening, so I got annoyed. I bought the book Tinker, Tailer, Soldier, Spy at Barnes and Noble on my way to meeting him here because I knew that he would have trouble waiting for 10-15 minutes after the IUI was finished.  I realize him getting to work at 11 is not a good thing.  So while we were eating, I told him we'd start reading the book together while we were waiting afterwards.  (He's been wanting to read the book and we decided last week to read it together.)  Apparently, he thought he would be lending his support from the waiting room. Wait. What? What's the point of you staying if you're not IN the room when our baby is artificially conceived?

I always talk about how supportive Mr. GG is, and it's true.  He's extremely supportive, does not get stressed easily and has been a huge help through this process.  BUT you haven't heard me gush about how emotional he is.  Mr. GG locked up his deep emotions long ago and I like to joke that he doesn't have any.  Harsh, but kind of true.  I wrote him 2 full pages in the wine box ceremony letter that we opened on our first anniversary.  He wrote like 3 sentences and of course it was mostly sexual.  He loves me and makes sure I know it.  And he's cuddly too, but he just does not gush emotion.

I think being present for the IUI is kind of on the same scale.  It's very intimate.  And it's awkward.  Feeling slightly argumentative, I asked him if he was planning on being present for the birth of our baby and he said of course.  So I said he should be there for it's conception too!

Mr. GG has one close friend who is currently PG through IVF and has shared information with Mr. GG.  So I told him to text his friend and ask if he was there through his wife's IUIs.  Mr. GG honestly thought that he would be right on this one, but I knew better.  I am not a very demanding wife (demands don't work on Mr. GG) but most wives will demand their husband be there during something like this.  And the other half do not have to demand it because the husband actually never considers not going.

Anyway.  I was right.  And Mr. GG and I both felt better I think.

Here's today's IUI picture.  I was in a different room : )

I was really lucky again today.  Dr. Hummingbird himself performed the IUI!  Last time the lady almost killed me trying to get the catheter in.  This time I felt almost nothing.  It was fabulous.

Also Mr. GG had rock star numbers.  I think it made him feel really good : )  His count was 285 million!  And motility was 85%.  I specifically asked them whether we really had to abstain and they said yes.  I think no.

And if you are new to this blog.  This is my second 50 mg Clomid cycle.  I also used 6mg Estradiol vaginally CD11-CD13 to increase my lining from 5mm.

I'm feeling very positive right now.  Mr. GG commented that he likes when I'm very optimistic, but then it's funny how in 2 weeks I'll be cussing and saying I want to quit.  It's true...when I have something to hope for, I can easily hope.  Before ovulation I have no hope that I'm currently pregnant and I hate the world.

But now we're in the good time.  I'm sticking to my no temping resolution and I'm planning on sticking to a 14 day stick no testing policy as well.  You might have to help me out with the second one.

And if we get pregnant this month (#17 or is it 18?), we just might have to name the baby Taylor : )


  1. Hey! Just stumbled upon your blog. Sounds like our stories are fairly similar. I'll be starting clomid sometime in the next month. I just started my first blog this past week. Not sure whether or not my doc will recommend an IUI. Interested to see how your story develops. Lots of well wishes!

  2. @Ess - Thanks for stopping by! I love all the connections blogging creates : )