Monday, January 30, 2012

Questions and Doubt and More Questions

I need some help today ladies. 

Background: I've been charting my BBT for 11 cycles (out of my 19 TTC) and have gotten a clear temp rise each of those months...until this one.

Here are a few typical charts for reference.

Typically my coverline is at 97.4 (above is 97.3) and my post-O temps are 97.6 or higher.

I don't typically get an O dip, but I did the month above.

And here's this month.

My IUI was on CD12.  The 2 temps before that were 97.6 that I disturbed because the puppy and then Mr. GG's snoring kept me restless all night.  The next day was 97.5 which is the day we triggered. And then ever since the IUI it's been 97.6....EVERY....DAY.  I was also on Estrace for the 2 temps pre-IUI.

Now 97.6 is typically a post-O temp for me.  I also felt ovary pain on CD11 and 12 and it went away after that.

I am just slightly freaked out that I can't see a clear temp jump, that somehow this is the first month in 19 that I haven't ovulated (even though I saw the 21 and 18mm follies with my own eyes) and that somehow we mis-timed everything.

Mr. GG and I did it the old-fashioned way on the night of the IUI and the night after, but we didn't last night (long story).

Can anyone provide any reassurance?

Sorry if I sound crazy, and that you have to read through a rambling mess, but you get it right?  I know I could have solved this whole problem by either temping the entire month or not temping at all, but because I have, I'm frustrated.  Mr. GG keeps asking what each temp "means" and I keep repeating that I have no idea and then give him my half-baked theories.

What I really want to know is:
1) Does Estrace (Estrogen) 6 mg vaginally increase temp?
2) How long does it stay in my system?
3) Is there any way to not ovulate after a trigger shot?
4) Am I nuts? : )


  1. I'm not experienced with the meds you've been on but I would say that based on your temps now and the fact that you (and your dr!) saw your follies and you triggered, that you have O'd. And add into that your O cramps. Iknow that we want to see that line SO bad with our own eyes, but I really do think you're ok this month! Just for your piece of mind, could you go in for an ultrasound or no?
    You are not nuts! TTC makes the best of us a little crazy now and then :)

    1. I think I could if I wanted to pay $275, but i don't think that's worth it just for piece of mind...I did email the nurse though. She probably does think I'm nuts : )

  2. Here's my 2 cents. I've never done an IUI but I did have a trigger shot with Clomid once. I had the trigger shot on a Thursday morning and after all was said and done both temps and an early dating ultrasound (because it resulted in a pregnancy) confirmed that I hadn't ovulated until Saturday. Generally they tell you that the trigger makes you ovulate in the next 24-36 hours or something like that, I definitely did not, it was at least 48 hours later if not a smidge more. So, get down and dirty today and no matter when you ovulated from the CD12 to today or even tomorrow you will have yourself covered. I'm SURE you either ovulated or are ovulating today and your temp will spike tomorrow because I don't think it's possible to not ovulate with a trigger if you have mature follicles. Sex can never hurt the situation if you're concerned with timing ;-)

    1. Thanks for sharing! Based on body signs it happened Saturday. I really wanted to BD last night, but Saturday's session should be fine too. We'll get one more in tonight just in case.

  3. Having an IUI with meds complicates things. A LOT. I was told NOT to chart during an IUI cycle because the meds can really mess with your waking temps. Your body WILL ovulate 24-36 hours post trigger. I tried to chart one month during an IUI cycle and it drove me nuts. The next time, I didn't chart at all because it caused so much more stress and anxiety than needed. The other thing to consider is that your thermometer may be on its last legs? Right before mine conked out on me, it should the same temp for several days in a row. Also, are you taking progesterone? That can also mess with things...

    I'm hoping that this IUI is the ONE resulting in a BFP.

    1. I didn't temp around O last month because of the trigger and I know I shouldn't have this month either. Oh well. And my thermometer could be a problem too. I actually considered testing with 2 thermometer's at the same time tomorrow!

  4. I researched this a lot with my iuis. The first one my temp barely went up. I was worried I did not ovulate. However, research says that the trigger shot can really affect temps. My dr. recommends not even temping after a trigger. That being said, not to be a downer, last month I got the trigger shot and I did not ovulate. I found out from the 7 dpo bloodwork. However, that is extreeeeeemely rare. So rare that when I told the pharmacist and my acupuncturist they both said they had never heard of it. Are you getting bloodwork to confirm ovulation? That should be able to tell you so you don't have to worry.

    1. I got a response back from the nurse who said that BBTs are very unreliable on medication so that's good to hear. And I agree it's super unlikely that I didn't ovulate, but thanks for sharing your deal! I'm not getting bloodwork to confirm. I think I'm done to go back to regular TWW worries : )