Saturday, January 28, 2012

Spe.culum Jokes? (and IUI #3)

So at my IUI yesterday, I didn't get a new room, so I don't have a new ceiling picture to post, but I did get a different Nurse Practitioner.  I am so glad I didn't get the first lady who couldn't get the catheter in and made me bleed.  I loved having my illustrious doctor himself the second time, but I knew it would be unlikely to be that lucky again.  So this spunky lady with short white hair walks in and says, "You want some sperm?"  I replied that yes I did want some sperm and the tone was set.

The next thing she said was "Wow, these speculums are all really big. You'd be really mad at me if I used one of these."  She then proceeded to find a smaller version and I thanked her.

It was pretty funny.  It was just so casual and not like what we were doing was a big deal.

(I advise you not to google image search "speculum" like I just did.  Gross.)

I told her that she's the third person to do an IUI for me and asked if she was my lucky charm.

Then the final speculum joke.  I guess I better take this out so that you can get out of here. Which led to a really weird discussion about reactions if she didn't take it out.  Obviously not even on the realm of possibilty.

It was all kind of over the edge of inappropriate, but it just seemed like her personality and was a funny contrast to the seriousness that surrounds most infertility visits.

The whole thing went smoothly and I waited 15 minutes after instead of 10.  The office was super busy and I felt a little stressed picturing them wondering when I would leave so they could open the room up, but I just kept saying to myself, "This is for you; you have to be a little selfish."

The ovary pain continued through last night.  It's not exactly painful, just weird and uncomfortable.  I didn't get it any other month on Clomid.  Maybe it's a good sign.

This morning my temp was not up but it was a weird week.  My usual post O temp is higher than 97.6, but I get a few occasionally 97.6's thrown in.  Wednesday was 97.6, but I was disturbed by puppy and Mr. GG's snoring so I discarded the temp.  Thursday was 97.5 and then Friday and today were both 97.6.  The only other explanation could be that the Estrogen caused higher pre-O temps and that now that I'm not taking it, I'm back to my normal range.  There's no real good way to know though and that's the part of this process that really freaks me out.

Did the HCG shot not trigger me?  Was the IUI at the wrong time?  I know none of this really matters because based on the size of the follie and my ovary pain, I definitely O'd or am O'ing right now.  And even if the IUI is 2 days ahead, it should still be good.  See my self-doubt and then rationalization?  My head swims circles in this vein of thought all throughout the day.

In other news, Mr. GG and I had sex last night.  Real sex.  Like with orgasms for both of us.  It had literally been a month.  I don't know why having sex becomes so hard even when it's pretty good sex.  Overall we've probably had more sex in this year and a half than in the previous one, but it's just different.  (I will have to cut this paragraph if I ever come out of the closet with my blogger identity!)

I plan not to test and do the same as last month meaning I will be trying to not post any symptoms or talk about the TWW (shh!) during the TWW.


  1. Good luck with this IUI! Just added your link to my site!

    1. "You'll fall pregnant when you are thinking about it" . HA! If someone can tell me where the off switch is in my brain I would be more than happy to turn it off.
      In the mean time I will try to reduce my Googling. Oh well school is back in on the southern hemisphere and I'm sure I can keep myself busy with that.
      What is with teachers/infertility and blogging?

  2. Your doctor sounds fantastic! It is so rare to find a medical professional with a good, off-color sense of humor. Good luck during the wait that shall not be named!

  3. I can totally relate to the sex thing. We have had more sex than we had been before this whole infertility thing but BD sex just is not as great. We have commented a few times that thankfully we have great non-bd sex to remind us that we haven't lost our touch. Good luck this round