Thursday, May 3, 2012


I witnessed a miracle yesterday.

It was the day after my transfer, a day on which many people stay home.

As soon as the embabies were on board, I became instantly nervous about going to school.  But at the same time, missing 3 days before the AP test is even more stressful for me, so I still went.

I was mostly nervous about the freshman before.  I actually joked to my sophomore, "Do you think I could just lock the door and not let the freshman in?"  Kidding, kidding.

We're reading Romeo and Juliet and I always have them make masks and then do an "Elizabethan Dance."  They always complain, but then really get into it.

But I wasn't sure if I really wanted to attempt this, the day after transfer, after having to yell at them for a bad sub report for the day of retrieval.

And miraculously...we had an amazing day!

First, they were all on time.  I'm not sure if that has EVER happened.  Then they paid attention and tried (as well as 9th graders can).

As a reward, I let them show me a little bit of how they dance.  Gross.  (I said no partners, nothing resembling anything inappropriate, etc.)  It was pretty funny though and scored me a ton of points with them.

Oh and one of my Sophomores just said "Mrs. GG, You're so pretty!"  Aww.  She made my year!

*    *    *    *    *
I was super crampy yesterday.  AF-like all-over crampiness (from my legs to my abdomen) - for most of the day.  My research shows that this is very common the day after a 5 day transfer and is generally a good sign.  

My boobs are also starting to hurt (they never do).  Since I've been on Progesterone since retrieval and they didn't start hurting until yesterday (and more today), I'm also taking it as a good sing.

I forgot to POAS yesterday.

Today there was a squinter.  But I've seen enough white tests to know that a squinter is really there.

I'm going to be safe and try to believe that's it's the remaining HcG (I'm 9 days post trigger shot).  But I will definitely test tomorrow and hope for either total white or darker.

The earliest BFP I've heard from someone I actually know (internet know) is 3dp5dt.  

My hopes are up and I'm terrified at the same time!


  1. This post made me smile. Happy kids. Happy teacher. Signs! All good news. :)

  2. I like this post. I wish all teachers taught Shakespeare in a fun way like that, so many kids are put off for life. FX the embies enjoyed the fun too and are snuggling in tight.

  3. "I've seen enough white tests to know that a squinter is really there." Amen, sister! Everything crossed for you!

  4. Yay for cooperating Freshmen! Thinking about you all week!

  5. You must be a saint for dealing with that age group!

  6. Yay for happy kids!! Always a relief. Keeping fingers crossed and hoping for very good news soon!!

  7. Ooooh a squinter!!! I hope it gets darker and darker! :)

  8.'re comment about the number of white tests made me laugh out loud. Hope those little embabies flourish and a beautiful dark line appears. Thinking of you! Good luck to your kids on their AP exam.

  9. I cannot believe you went to school!!!! Thank goodness your kids wee so good for you, they have a funny way of knowing what their teacher needs at times...hoping that squinted becomes a little darker tomorrow :)

  10. A squinter! Love it. Hope it becomes a lot less squinty soon!

  11. Thinking of you and FXd for a BFP for you :)) Love the term squinter - never heard that before :) xo