Thursday, May 17, 2012

5 Weeks!

5 weeks sounds so much more official than 3 and 4 weeks!  I am a full week past when I should have had a period and the baby(ies) have been growing for 3 whole weeks!  Pretty cool.

I definitely have some paranoia.  I've researched ectopic pregnancy quite a bit.  I've also had recurrent dreams about spotting.  Just dreams though, no spotting.

Yesterday I thought that maybe my boobs were less sore.  But to relieve my anxiety, by night-time, they were about as painful as they've been yet....YES!!!

I still feel a lot of random twinges and such, but nothing intensely painful except a few short muscle spasm.  Those were weird.

My abs are really sore, and not just the lower ones.  That seems weird too.  I'm not working out besides walking the dog and I really don't feel like I could at the moment.  But I want to start ramping up the walking a bit.  And maybe start yoga again, but I'm afraid of twisting and stretching far due to discomfort.  Maybe it's from the IVF.  I've also worried that I have mild OHSS.  I haven't really gained any weight, but I am massively bloated.  (Hopefully my kids haven't noticed that I've worn the same pair of jeans 3 times this week.)

I am hungry often and need to eat immediately or else I get extremely jittery.  I had to buy a bag of jelly beans just to finish shopping at Party City with my mom the other day.

I'm peeing nearly once an hour even when it seem like I haven't had that much to drink.  But I'm also way more thirsty which is making it easy to get the right amount of water in me.

I'm also very gassy, but that one's not so fun to talk about : )

Other than that, I feel really good; no food aversions, no real cravings.  Although I'm starting to freak out about eating leftovers.

I'm super tired too.  Like I mentioned before, I occasionally take a short nap during my prep period, around 11.  And luckily for me, Stella is so excited about getting out of her crate when I get home, that she leaves me alone for a good 45 minutes or so which gives me another nap.


  1. Hooray! I'm approx. 5w4d right now and my symptoms are pretty similar. Not peeing as much... but definitely feeling the hunger thing. Also having a hard time getting over the paranoia. Not sure if and when that will pass. Congrats on arriving at 5 weeks!!

  2. Try not to think about the scary side of the coin!!!
    I know easier said than done.
    I had an ectopic pregnancy last year - not fun.
    This years pregnancy is MUCH different then the ectopic one.

    I'm sitting around the 5w5d mark.
    I cannot wait for the ultra sound!!!

    Sending you happy thoughts!
    Is it nap time, yet???


  3. Happy 5 weeks!!! And I agree...5 sounds significantly better than 3 or 4 :) Looks like we're both thirsty and tired. We'll take it! So excited to walk this road with you!

  4. Hi, I'm new to your blog. I wanna say congrats on your progress. Things are looking right on track.

  5. Don't feel bad about wearing the same jeans I have one pair that feels good and one I can tolerate but I bring yoga pants to work with me just in case either one becomes unbearable. The girls in the office are understanding which makes it nice. My boobs haven't been painful but I have had all day sickness that comes and goes thankfully no vomiting yet. I am not super hungry either but force myself to eat at least something. Currently I am at exactly 4w and impatiently waiting till my first u/s on June 4th.

    1. I WISH I could wear yoga pants to work! The problem with the other pants is just that they hit to high with too thin of a waist band. Even leggings. The jeans are low rise with a really wide waist band. (I'm wearing them again today!)

    2. I'm not really supposed to but I have an understanding female boss who knows all my struggles and bends the rules! And since I can't read a calender I am 4w2d not just 4w! It reminds me of when I was little and you are not just 5yrs old but 5 and a half! I did order this thing from destination maternity that is supposed to let you wear your regular jeans while unbuttoning them. I am still waiting on it to arrive.

  6. Yay for 5 weeks!!! Be careful with the ohss I have been doing a lot of research on it lately!! All of my friends talk about the belly band, I guess you can wear your normal pants if you use it...although I don't really know much about it haha!

  7. Visiting from ICLW. Congrats on your pregnancy! I'll have to check back in for your ultrasound results... Super exciting stuff!