Friday, May 4, 2012

The Lovely Blog Award (3dp5dt)

It's taken me a long time to write this after Ali at Not All Dreams Are Free tagged me, but I've been a tad busy as you might recall : ).  As soon as I saw her post, I thought it would be perfect for the 2WW...and here we are!

Here are my random 7 facts: (This gets harder each time!  Forgive me if I repeat something I've said before.)

1. I love my quiet time in the morning.  It's possible that I don't speak for at least an hour on most days after waking up, except maybe a couple of words to Mr. GG who's still partially sleeping.   My commute is 25 minutes and then if I'm early, I'm in my room by myself, like right now.  On the flip side, I get really cranky when someone wants to talk my each off at this time of the day.

2. I am so in love with the "farm to table" restaurant trend combined with lots of small plates for sharing.  I love to share food, mostly because I can never decide on just one thing.  Most of these places (at least where I live) also have such excellent decoration!  Last night I had Fried Squash Blossoms with Ricotta, Purple Pesto, and a lemon sauce, an Eggplant and Goat Cheese Pizza, and a Strawberry Remolatta with Pistachio Gelato and Meyer Lemon.  Oh and the most delicious non-alcoholic drink I've ever had:

I SUPER LOVE that these are now appearing on regular menus!

3. I'm quite a procrastinator.  And I really need to plan my sister's shower.  It's in 2 weeks.  I want it to be cool, so I better get on it.

4. I'm pretty frugal.  I think about things A LOT before I buy them and I don't make many big purchases.  So I looked at stuff at LuluLemon for ages before buying anything.  $88 for pretty much everything?!  Is it weird that having my husband buy it, even though it's really all our money, made it easier?  I got a whole outfit! : )

5. I still don't have a wedding album.  I bought it as part of our package, but never chose the pics for the photog.  It's a ton of work and then as time passed, I felt really awkward about it and then put it off more.  I need to get over it and get my album!

6. I think golf is the most relaxing thing to watch on the weekends.  Especially when you want to nap a bit.  It's pretty, they speak in soft soothing voices....  I enjoy the actual golf too.

7. I've never been to the South.  I've been to DC, Texas, and the Midwest, but that's as close as I've gotten.  I don't even think I've stopped at an airport in the South!  My mom just got back from Charleston and Savannah and loved them.  I need to go!  And to Florida so I can go to Harry Potter World.

*     *     *     *     *
I'm making you read all the way until the end to get today's update!

Stark white FRER. 

I never really expected one of the world's earliest BFPs, so I think it's good to see a definite white stick with no hint of trigger left.  So now, a line will be real.

I think I'll skip tomorrow and test on Sunday...(10dpo).

Symptoms:  (I quit symptoms spotting ages ago, but I have some that are new, therefore, more real.)
  • Cramping.  Off and on...I get nervous when I don't feel it, but I do pretty often and it seems pretty central.
  • Sore boobs.  I do not get sore boobs.  They were slightly sore toward the bottom on 1dp5dt.  Last night they were the most sore they have ever been, all the way around to the top and into my armpits. I felt like I needed to hold them when I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  Right now (in the morning) I don't feel so much...
  • Gas.  I'm not the least gassy person in the world normally, but it's been pretty constant and I haven't been eating anything weird.


  1. I'm glad you're having some good symptoms! I hope it's a BFP! =) Happy Friday!!

  2. I was gassy too, and my boobs didn't hurt until about 5 and a half six weeks, so I never had that symptom during 2WW.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog and hoping this is it for you!!! :) Can't wait for an update on Sunday.

  3. I also put off that wedding album! I just received it in the mail about 2 years and 3 months after our wedding. With that said, our photographer chose the photos and did the layout. I just made small changes when I liked different pictures ie family shots. Choosing all the photos would be a ton of work!

    1. I made our wedding album, and those for our families, on Blurb - it was a ton of work. But it passed the time and it is as perfect as I wanted it to be!

      Keep the updates coming Mrs. GG ... we're rooting for you!

  4. Your meal sounds fantastic! It's making me hungry!

    As soon as we got our pictures back from our photographer we started working on our wedding album, knowing that if we didn't we may never get to it. :-)

    Good luck this cycle!

  5. Omg #1 and #2 are totally me! Love this. :) Your symptoms sound super encouraging! FX for a strong second line really soon!

  6. Your symptoms are looking awesome!

  7. I am there with #4 and 6 - especially on those lazy Sundays in winter when I used to live in North east a few years back. Now I got to get DH into the habit!
    You have some pretty good symptoms!! hoping its a BFP!