Sunday, May 20, 2012

An Exhausting Day!

Shower season is officially over!

My sister's shower went off without a hitch...although I was not thrilled that a few people showed up early because my mom and I were definitely not ready until exactly at 2:00.

My favorite part of the day was a game I made up. (I'm sure someone else has made something similar - but I came up with it myself this week.)  I had each of the mom's come up with 5 facts about their my sister and brother and law while growing up.

Some examples:

  • First letter written to mom said "I will never speak to you again unless you buy me a donut."    
               (My sister)
  • Got head stuck in chair slats at baby-sitters.
               (My brother in-law)

The game had everyone laughing.  Embarrassed my sister just the right amount.  And fit with the raising a baby theme.

We did some standards; cut a ribbon that it the circumference of mom-to-be's bump, name the baby food (one of the "gourmet" ones was chicken mango risotto - apparently it smelled quite horrible), and name the celebrity baby.

After presents I played the YouTube video of Go the F to Sleep narrated by Samuel L. Jackson sine only a couple of people at the party had heard of it.  That was a hit.  Then I showed the video of a lion at the zoo trying to eat a baby through plexiglass and the Jimmy Kimmel "I told my kids I ate their Halloween Candy" and "I gave my kids a horrible Christmas present."  If you haven't seen any of these; watch them!

It was a nice conclusion since people didn't seem ready to leave quite yet.

My wonderful friend made both cake pops and cookies and they were FANTASTIC!

Here's a pic:

They were adorable!

I got my sister a diaper bag and filled it with stuff I thought she might not know I needed.  (She's the pregnant one - but I read all of the baby sites.)

I got her:
  • Butt Paste, Burp Clothes, a Pacifier Clip, Shampoo and Lotion, a Nursing Cover, Boogie Wipes, and Hand Sanitizer. 
Hopefully she likes it because I went completely off registry!

Besides the cleaning I did on Thursday and the shopping on Friday, I basically worked from 8:30 in the morning until about 5:30 non-stop.  I was EXHAUSTED last night.

But it was worth it : )

I also had many thoughts that I was not pregnant yesterday.  I think it's because I was so busy that I wasn't able to notice all of the usual symptoms.  But I have no reason to doubt and I'm still feeling stuff today.  9 days until ultrasound!


  1. Hi! Here from (In)Fertility Unexplained! :-) Sounds like a fabulous shower! Hope all goes well with your ultrasound!

  2. I loooooove "Go the F to Sleep"!!!! Sounds like a great shower and can't wait for an update from the ultrasound!

  3. Looks like a lovely party with lovely goodies! And thanks for the laugh at the first childhood letter ... classic.

  4. Yum love me some cake pops! I need to go watch these videos they sound hilarious! I hear ya on being too busy to notice symptoms but as soon as I sat down last night they hit me again! Only 9 more days!!!

  5. We listened to Go the F* to Sleep in the car yesterday. Too funy. Thanks for the suggestion.

    I'm really glad everything went well, and that you were able to enjoy the showers with no reservations :)

  6. Those videos are hilarious. Good call - I need to add those to my list of things to do for the next baby shower I'm at. I'm so glad that everything went well - sounds like a fantastic day.
    And how wonderful is it to finally be pregnant at a baby shower, instead of just semi-miserable?

  7. Looks like you did a sterling job! Well done! I bet it was really cool to think you have your own lil bean(s!) growing inside you :)
    Love the cake pops. My MIL made a load of chocolate ones for our wedding last year, amazing!! Happy ICLW!

  8. Stopping by from ICLW! I LOVE your diaper bag present. I seriously am going to steal that idea for the next baby shower I attend. You put some awesome stuff in it to by the way!