Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's the hormones that are making me bitchy, right?

I'm not the calmest driver, but I usually only get angry at the worst bad-driving offenders.  Either they've surrounded me the last 2 days, or I'm turning really bitchy.

I chewed a student out yesterday too.  He totally deserved it.  He's deserved it for months.  He's the kind of kid that always denies everything I say he's done.  "I wasn't sleeping."  "I wasn't talking." Etc.  Well yesterday I warned the class that if they slept during Romeo and Juliet, they would get a zero on their notes and would have to go to another classroom to do an alternate assignment.  When I politely reminded the student of this  - a warning - he said "What is the point of watching this anyway?"  I said "Fine, don't" and got materials ready for the other class (after he denying doing anything and argued with me.

I rarely let my temper surface at school, mostly because it's not my character and it's hard for me to get yelling-angry.  But I let him have it.

Last night was fine, but this morning the rage is back.

It could have to do with Stella peeing on my bed at 4 a.m.  What the hell?  She is completely potty trained.  We don't let her sleep with us.  But we do let her up with us in the early morning.  (We leave the door open down stairs.  Often, she comes up for a second, then goes down to pee, then comes back.)  Today she just peed, then left.  At 4 a.m.  It's only happened once before - about a month ago.  I think it's because DH is out of town...she's punishing me?  Great.

So if this is moodiness.  I've got it.

*     *     *     *     *
I also must say something about the losses this week.  I don't follow everyone who experienced a loss this week, but I do follow Belle at Scrambled Eggs.  I am so sad for her and everyone else.  I so wish there was something I could do to make it better, but it's pretty much impossible.  So just sending my love.


  1. Oh, I am completely with you. I've been getting unreasonably angry at cars that run red lights...which in a city is pretty common. It's to the point where I glare at them and then act like I'm going to walk in front of them anyway, because you know in a car-person battle, I'd totally win.

    But...I was worse (so much worse) on Lupron. At least now I don't cry all the time.

    Relatedly, sometimes it's okay for students to see their teachers lose it a bit. It might make them remember that you are a person too, and that they should be kind. Seeing a normally calm teacher cry or yell has an odd way of quieting things down :)

  2. Yes, part of it is hormones. But this is also a stressful time. One of the drawbacks of being part of this community is that we now know too much about what can go wrong. That a BFP doesn't always equal a THB. And that's scary. Super scary. So be good to yourself over these next few days.

    And regarding that student: sometimes a swift kick in the butt is exactly what they need. I'm sorry that you had to be the one to deliver it, but as someone who deals with these kids at the college level, thank you. Because at my stage, the behavior patterns are set, making it very unlikely they will change and usually resulting in a lifetime of unhappiness. The sooner they learn, the better.

  3. Hormones are a bitch. I always feel like a crazy person whenever my hormones change drastically. I hope they settle down for you a bit.

    ICLW #26

  4. I'm bitchy right now and I can't even blame a pregnancy. ;)

  5. AGH I hear ya! Monday I really wanted a frozen coke. It just sounded absolutley amazing. Never before have I cared either way about those frozen treats and pop these days doesn't even sound good. Which I know caffeine and sugar but it just sounded so good. I go to Burger King and wouldn't you know their ICEE machine is down for maintenance. Then I call Matt to tell him and he starts laughing! Not good. But hey at least we get to blame the hormones right?