Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Just Waiting.

I haven't had much to say lately.

I guess I'm just waiting.

I haven't even been able to get up the effort to write the Healing Salon summary.

I'm not depressed.  But I'm also not very motivated to do...anything.

I think part of it is the time of year.  Spring Break is in 2 weeks.  Testing is around the corner.  I can't BELIEVE this school year is kind of almost over.  (10 weeks)

And I'm really just waiting for IVF.

I don't like not having a plan, not knowing what will come next.  And I've done pretty well accepting that my maybe baby will not come according to plan either.  But IVF is a solid plan, I just don't know what the plan is and it's frustrating!!

My consult is next Tuesday, so I will know then, but I guess I'm just going through the motions until then (on the blog, planning my classes, etc...not much is getting done except in very short spurts).

Yesterday I had my SHG.  It was fine although I could do without ever having my cervix swabbed with Iodine again.  Gross and uncomfortable.  And then pushing around inside there will both a catheter and ultrasound wand?  Not the most enjoyable feeling.  But no fibroids or polyps, so that's good.  We discussed 21 Jumpstreet while it was going on.  I saw it this weekend and it was hysterical.  Really.  I had low expectations and ended up laughing throughout the whole thing.  I am actually old enough to have watched the original - granted I was young.  Anyone else?

I'm still waiting on my CD3 test results too.  I've gotten 2 results, but need all of them for it to matter.  I guess AMH takes a week?  I'm stressed that it will be difficult to call the right person to fax my results over to my RE.  I keep debating whether to call know before all results are in or wait until they're in.  But if the RE doesn't have them by appt time, appt is canceled.  I just want everything done and settled.  In-between is not my favorite place.

So that's what's going on over here.


  1. thanks for the update. i hope the waiting goes quickly. thinking of you!

  2. You'll be in the midst of it all before you know it! It's hard, but if you can, enjoy however many days left before you start the injections. Oh, and my advice is to try think of questions you might have before your next appointment. We left our pre-IVF appointment and then thought of a million things we wished we had asked.

    I look forward to keeping you company these next few months! (We start IVF#2 soon...also waiting ;) )

  3. I know time is going to fly for you. (Also, I am INCREDIBLY jealous that your summer break is coming up soon. I have nine long months before our next big break.)

  4. I always think of Johnny Depp on 21 Jump Street! :) Hang in there and good luck on IVF!!