Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's always something.

So IVF consult is still tomorrow (or today depending on when I post this).  And you know the thing I have been most stressed about?  Getting my test results in and on time.  I have had 3 separate people from the RE office ask me when I would have the results.  They made it clear that my appointment would be canceled if the results were not in prior to the appointment.

The tests were FSH, Estradiol, AMH and the 5 STD tests required by law (HIV, HEP B, C, Syphilis, and something else).

First, I stressed about getting the tests ordered through my brand new doctor at Kaiser (with my new insurance that actually covers testing).  I emailed and after at least 3 disconnected phone calls and one that went through, my doctor said she could order the tests for me.

Then I waited until CD3.

That was a busy day at school.  Half Day.  Then leading Professional Development.  Then going to get tests.  Then going back to school for an open house.  This was the day after getting my pink slip.  But I got it done and I was feeling good.

I did make sure to ask the lady about all of the tests to make sure she had the right ones.  I did not have a list with me, but I knew it was 3 hormone tests and 5 STDs.

I got my FSH and Estradiol results really quickly.  It might have even been less than 24 hours.

But the other tests never showed up online.  I noticed that there was a note that not all tests are available online and figured that made sense for STDs so you shouldn't find out you are HIV positive online.  I just assumed anything else missing was also just not online.

I waited a week because I had heard that AMH takes a week.  Then I sent an email.  Then I waited 2 days and called.  Two days later, I finally heard back.  (That was today.)  The nurse said that she could not fax my results to the RE, but that I could come pick them up.  Annoying, but fine.

**Sorry, this is getting long...not quite finished yet.***

I left my phone, the novel I need to read for class tomorrow, and my asian milk tea that I decided to splurge on in the car since I was just picking up results.

I picked them up.

Then decided to go to the bathroom.  Since I was still there, I figured I should check out the results.  And immediately I saw that 2 results were missing.  Fuck.

I was able to meet with a nurse and when she pulled up my results, the tests said "canceled."  They were canceled 2 days after I had my blood drawn, with completely no explanation.  She spent about 10 minutes on the phone with the lab trying to figure it out, but the bottom line is that they were not done.  She was very nice and had absolutely no idea why the tests were canceled.

While she was on the phone I was silent crying and freaking out in my little cubicle I was waiting in, picturing my cycle being pushed back another 6 weeks, sure that the appointment tomorrow would also be canceled.

The end result was that she re-ordered the tests and I was able to get them immediately, but 1) I wouldn't get results for 4-5 days, 2) I didn't know whether AMH needed to be a Day 3 test.

Then I left that office to go to the lab, but I needed to pick up my phone on the way.  As I got to my car, I realized I did not have my keys.  That's when the moment really felt like a ME moment.  I'm the girl who gets bad news and then loses my keys. WTF?  They were at the reception desk, so no huge deal, but wow.

The worst part was waiting to hear back from the RE's office about the AMH.  My nurse is out of town of course, but I got a call about 15 long minutes later.

Best news out of a  shitty situation: I can still go to my appointment tomorrow; I can get both blood tests now, and my IVF will just be pushed back one week.

I'm still incredibly annoyed, but relieved that I still have an appointment tomorrow.

I was very much about to completely melt down.

Instead, I decided that we needed to go out to dinner instead of me making enchiladas.

I want a work-free glass of wine.


  1. I'm sorry - big hugs. I hope your appointment goes well in spite of the missing test results and you get a good plan in place for your IVF cycle. Sending you lots of positive thoughts.

  2. What a mess! Thank goodness you are such a good advocate for yourself! Thinking about you and your appointment this afternoon!

  3. Ugh. That's a rough day! It is so frustrating when things are delayed because of other people's errors.

    I hope your appointment goes well today or tomorrow. (Dinner out is one of my go-to ways to cut stress. It's so nice to have someone else cook AND clean.) Sending lots of luck and good thoughts your way...

  4. What a mess! Sounds like you handled it well though. Doesn't it always seem like just when we really need something, it is postponed? If you didn't need the test right away, it would be ready in 10 hours!

    I'm glad that you still get to go to the appointment! Good luck!

  5. i'm so so sooo glad you got everything figured out and your appt is only pushed back a week. and i totally get how annoying it must have been. everything in my life is not just a fight, but a hard-won fight is usually followed by hiccups just like the ones you described above. anyway, so glad you stayed on top of everything- can't wait to see how this cycle unfolds!! crossing my fingers and saying a prayer for you!

  6. ICLW greetings! The whole process is such a roller-coaster ride and hoping this cycle is it for you!

  7. I'm glad it was okay (-ish) in the end ... but how frustrating. Good luck as you move forward! And happy ICLW-ing.