Monday, March 12, 2012


If you are looking for the "Healing Salon," you can find it here.

Today is CD1.  I started spotting on Saturday so I wasn't shocked when my temp dropped yesterday and AF started today.  I celebrated with In-N-Out and REAL caffeinated diet coke for lunch yesterday.  If you aren't from the West Coast, you really need to have In-N-Out when you are out here!  I don't eat fast food really at all, except for In-N-Out.  It was delish.

So today is the day that IT all starts!  I call RE to schedule our IVF consult.  I fill my scrips for Estrace and Provera, and I go in for CD3 testing on Wednesday....


ETA: Sonohystogram on Monday.  IVF Consult on Tuesday 3/27.


  1. WOW... it seems like you were just talking about IVF steps and now they are already here! I'm very excited for you!!
    In-N-Out is a great way to celebrate (or not!) AF. Living in the midwest we don't have them here but whenever we travel we ALWAYS hit it up. I can't wait for our May trip - In N Out is definitely on the 'sites to see' list :)

    1. I know!!! The time just goes so fast! I'm actually going to be kind of excited about not having a TWW for awhile.

  2. I'm sorry this cycle failed:-(

    Good luck with your IVF!

  3. Never had In N Out Burger, but I think it is similar to Five Guys, which is everywhere around me. BEST burgers and fries ever, glad you treated yourself!! Thinking about you as you begin your IVF, sending lots of positive thoughts!!

  4. OMG! I miss In N Out so much!!!! Best we can do here in Seattle is Five Guys, which is so not even close to In N Out...

    Good luck with the IVF - will be cheering you on every step of the way :)

  5. You'll do great with your IVF cycle. Just remember that we're all here to support you through the next couple of months.