Monday, March 19, 2012

Photo Challenge Update #3

I got a little overwhelmed by the photo challenge, but I'm back in it!  I guess my inspiration only comes in spurts...photographer's block?

I've taken these over the last couple of weeks.

Day 7: Purple
I bring my Nalgene water bottle with me just about everywhere I go.  I'm not a great water drinker when it's not summer, so at school, I make a lot of herbal tea.  I like to think I'm eco-conscious although there is probably so much more I can do.  But I do not believe in bottled water.  Check out the documentary Tapped and also read this article about how children have so many cavities today because of not drinking flouridated tap water.

Day 10: Love
I love it when my puppy holds on to me with her front legs. It seems so human!

Day 12: Eat
I'm not much of a cook, but I'm really trying.  This was my first Pinterest recipe that I made, Asian Noodle Salad.  It took me a full two hours to chop up all of the ingredients fresh, but I felt very proud afterwards.  It was such a healthy dinner!  FYI...I added chicken so that Mr. GG would eat it.  (He LOVED it.) And I used 2 serrano peppers and tons of cilantro like the recipe asked for.  Result: too spicy for me (I could barely eat it) but Mr. GG and my friend loved the spice.  I made it again the next week with less cilantro, more chicken, penne pasta instead of linguine, and two different batches of the sauce and it was even better.

Day 17: Green
Practicing for St. Paddy's Day...Friday night.  I know green beer is cheesy, but I like a little cheese on holidays : ).

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  1. Haha! That's exactly why I skipped the photo challenge I was afraid I would totally fall behind...still a nice little something to keep you occupied though! Love love love the puppy pic, someways there is nothing better than a little puppy love :)