Saturday, March 3, 2012

March Photo Challenge #1: Pieces of Me

I decided to join Belle's March Photo Challenge because it sounds fun and I'd like some random filler content, but I also secretly want to learn how to be a photographer.

I'm 31 and I know absolutely zilch about photography.

I will be taking my pictures with my trusty iphone and they will probably be grainy : ).  I asked Mr. GG for a fancy camera for Christmas, but like a starter version.  He didn't get me one.  So iphone it is.

Day 1 is a self-portrait:

I want to reveal a little bit about myself, but still remain virtually anonymous so here are my 2 top picks. 


Yep, super grainy.  But that's me.  (After getting home from soccer last night. I guess I'm only sort of not playing anymore.)

Day 2: Feet

Would you be surprised if I said that I already had a picture of my feet on my phone?  Yes?  Well remember that Mr. GG is a foot person.  I sent him this pic last week when he was out of town to "Bring the Sexy Back."

I couldn't figure out any angle to make them look better than this.  And I was too lazy to stand up...

Now that you've seen 2 pieces of me, let me throw in a 3rd for good measure.

My knee after last night.

Happy Saturday.


  1. Ouch! I am the only non-athletic person in my family, and I am secretly envious of anyone who is willing to brave injury in the name of sport!

    Thanks for your comments on anonymity in the blog world. I decided that I'm not ready to risk being found by people I know "in real life" yet.

  2. My husband is so NOT a foot person! I LOL'd at the pic of your feet b/c if I ever sent him a pic like that he would be so grossed out haha

  3. Love the pics and dear GOD your knee looks painful! Put some ice on that!

    1. It's not nearly as painful as it looks, thankfully!

  4. Oh my word that does look painful!! Love the toes girl !!