Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lazy, Crazy Randomness and Some Pictures

Mr. GG was snoring last night and since I woke up, I decided to take my temp. I thought it was 5:30.
Confession: my bedside clock is still an hour off, since like October when the time change was. I'm a lazy, lazy girl. My temp was above the cover line but lower than normal so I'm thinking it was actually 4:30. No way to confirm, oh well.

Update: I totally have a yoga injury.  I think it happened doing a shoulder stand and then bending so my legs were over my head.  Nothing hurt while I was doing it, but omg I was in major pain by the evening.  It's pretty much better by today, 2 days later, but I could barely move (or sneeze) the last 2 days.  Soo glad that allergy season is starting early this year in CA!

All day Sunday I googled 5dpo symptoms.  I don't know what's wrong with me! I really do like the Countdown to Pregnancy site though because you can see that only x% of pregnant people report this symptom as opposed to y% of not pregnant people.  Here's a snapshot at 7, my current dpo.  (Only symptoms are fatigue and gas...not too strange.)

And now for Photo Challenge time.

I'm really stuck on ILLUMINATE and COMMUTE so I'll just post Day 3 and 6.

I'm actually going to put Day 6 first, CHALLENGE.

This was originally going to be my pic for DOMESTIC, but I had two and this definitely qualifies as a challenge so...here it is.  I'm not proud of this picture readers.  And yes, they are all dirty even though they look like they could just be drying (except for the dessert bowl with chocolate fudge stuck to it).  And I took this on Saturday and it's still not done.  Ugh.  I promise to do it tonight as soon as I get home!  

ETA: I did it when I got home!!!  Yay, me!

So I am clearly not very domestic at least according to my own definition of cooking and cleaning and being on top of everything at home.  

But I did do this:  (Day 3 DOMESTIC)

I redesigned my dining room before hosting Thanksgiving.  This wall gave me a lot of trouble, but as soon as I saw the Wish plate at West Elm, I was inspired.  (Plates and shelves are from West Elm, everything else is IKEA.)

Ok back to trying to get caught up with papers and planning in my day job.


  1. LOVE the wish plate! I've never seen anything like that before and it's awesome. My sink looks like that almost all the time, don't be ashamed!

  2. Don't change your clock now, it will be correct again soon!

    I love Ikea, and the wish plate, and thank you for your kind comments today...they are really helpful.

  3. Love west elm, the shelves look great!! Can't tell you how many times I have woken up at like 3am and taken my damn temp clueless I was 3 hours too early...

  4. Love the red wall and the shelves! Oh, and our sink looks like that a lot too.

  5. I face a similar challenge every day in my sink! I can't wait to have a baby and grow him/her up enough to help with dishes :) (Just kidding!)