Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wine...yum. (Time-Warp Post)

I'm gearing up for my 100th post!  But I have a few posts that were not published for some reason or another so I'm going through and deleting the ones that are either not relevant anymore or just not very good.  But this one deserves it's moment.

*This post was originally written on 10/23/11.*

So enjoyed my GIGANTIC class of wine tonight.  Not as big as Big Carl on Cougar Town...but big.  It was the kind of glass where there is too much left in the bottle to leave for tomorrow, but too much for one glass.  I drank it anyway : )

And I deserved it!  What a busy Sunday.  Woke up after my awesome slumber party with my sis.  (Troop Beverly Hills followed by RENT, accompanied by ice cream and popcorn.)  Went to Mr. GG's grandma's house to give her morning pills. (Mr. GG is in New Orleans for a work trip and his aunt and uncle who grandma lives with, are on a cruise.)  Plan for the day was to clean the house...BIG job.  And then grade college essays.  I forgot that I told my 10th graders that they could email me essays to help them edit so that took an additional 3 hours.  I did get all cleaning done, but no college essays.  At 8:30 I realized I need to go back to give grandma her PM pills and to get the AM ones ready.

Finally, at 9, I was ready to relax.  Hence the big glass of wine.  I really need to get to bed (it's 10:22...alarm goes off at 5:20) but I've got one...more...sip.  Ok. Done. G'night blogland.

-Mrs. GG

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