Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day 3 of Stims

I have given myself 2 shots so far and they went well!

For those of you that have not done injections.  I want to give you a quick run-down of what giving injections means.

1) Gather supplies. (2 Bravelle, 1 Menopur, 1 Sodium Chloride, 1 Qcap, 1 syringe, 1 needle, 1 alcohol swab)
2) Pop tops of vials and swab with alcohol.
3) Get rid of big huge needle on syringe and put on Qcap.  (Thank God!)
4) Get 1 ml Sodium Chloride, put in 1 vial of Bravelle.  Swirl to mix (liquid with powder).  Pull liquid back in syringe.  Put all liquid in next Bravelle; then repeat with Menopur.
5) Swab skin with alcohol.
6) Pinch a chunk of skin.  Insert meds.


You'd be amazed at how much trash there is each time!

The first time Mr. GG helped "supervise" to make sure I got everything right.  Then he winced.  Not me.  When I inserted the needle.  And asked me if it hurt while I was still giving it.  Not super helpful.

I'm a little tired. And have a slight hangover feeling.  But not bad.  I can do this!

I don't have a whole lot to say...just wanted to update.


  1. Glad I'm not the only one feeling hung over! What's up with that? I'm downing the water, but it's not helping. I think it's caffine withdrawl for me. I did Menopur for my IUIs and never felt weird at all.

    Men are wimps.

  2. I am freaking EXHAUSTED. What's up with that?

    Well done, you.

    J has conveniently not managed to witness me injecting AT ALL so far. He says he's busy getting ready for work. I say he's a woos-bag.

  3. Hi... here from Cyclesistas :) Looks as though we'll be cycling together... I haaate injections ! Hope this cycle works out for us, so that we don't need to do them for much longer :) FXd for you xoxo