Thursday, April 12, 2012

angry. very angry.

Fucking medical bureaucracy bullshit has got me crying again.  WTF?!

There has been nothing more frustrating in this entire process than trying to deal with ordinary doctors getting fucking test results.

I had my Day 3 test and STD panel re-done at the beginning of march before my IVF Consult.  For some reason, the AMH and HTLV tests did not get done.  The nurse had no idea why.  I completely freaked out (as you can read here) but my RE said we could continue with the appointment as scheduled.  (They had told me it would be canceled if I did not have all of my tests done.)  The nurse reordered the tests and I did them the same afternoon.

That was 2 weeks ago.  Spring Break threw off my schedule and I forgot to wonder why I hadn't heard about the results.  I called on Tuesday and was told that the results are in and that the doctor would get back to me.  Why does a freaking doctor need to release the results?  They won't even fax results to another doctor.  I have to pick them up.

So I call back today.  The doctor is still not in, but should be this afternoon.  I tried to explain that I MUST HAVE THE RESULTS TODAY!  My baseline ultrasound is tomorrow.  They must hear a tone of month late lab tests like mine because they (all 3 of the people I talked to) just used the standard lines "I left a message for the doctor and I will have to wait until he/she responds."  I told my entire sob story.  I AM PAYING $18,000 TOMORROW FOR IVF.  I HAVE PLANNED MY ENTIRE LIFE AROUND THIS EVENT.  I MUST HAVE MY 2 MEASLY TEST RESULT TODAY!!!!!! Fuck.

Then I got off the phone, started sobbing uncontrollably.  And now we're here.

I've calmed down now and am now going to treat my self to Starbucks.  Decaf.


  1. First, I'm so sorry. You definitely do NOT need this.

    Second: Can you contact your RE and tell them the situation? From experience, doctors tend to respond quicker to requests from other doctors. At the minimum, your clinic may be able to get the process moving. Plus there will be harassment from more than one person.

    In the meantime, sending you lots of hugs.

  2. I wonder how many of us ALI ladies calm ourselves with decaf Starbucks in the wake of idiot doctors, stupid husbands, insensitive friends and the horrid Facebook? I know I'm guilty of this at least three times a week. IVF rounds should come with a prepaid Starbucks card!

    That aside, I am so, so sorry you are getting this run around. I've had my fair share of this and have learned my favorite way to deal with it is in person. I literally march my happy behind to the clinic or lab and request my appointment/labs/meds/etc. then and there. It works like a charm. Any chance you can pay them a visit this afternoon? xoxo

  3. =( I'm so sorry for the drama! I had my baseline appointment to start the BCP for IVF and had a cyst and fluid in my uterus. =/ Now they've cancelled us for at least 45 days because my husband dips Skoal. Loads of drama!

    They're always forgetting crap. Do they even know how much stress they put us under?!?!?!?!

    1. Sorry, that sucsk! That's worse than this!

  4. I second Cristy's idea. Doctor's do seem to respond better/faster to requests from other doctors than they do to patients. I don't really understand why, since it's our lives and we're paying the bills. Belle's idea is great too. We do whatever we can, I guess.

    I'm sorry you're getting such a run-around with these tests. It will be all behind you soon. Wishing you lots of luck tomorrow!

  5. I will definitely need to go their today. So I'll just set a time and if I haven't heard...I'll go.

    I have a caffeine buzz from my decaf!

  6. Good luck to you!! I hate dealing with people sometimes.

  7. That is so freaking frustrating. What is their problem? I hope it's solved before your appt tomorrow. Good luck lady!

  8. Hope you enjoyed that coffee and get your results soon. So frustrating.