Monday, April 23, 2012

IVF#1: Ultrasound 3

I just deleted my whole post because I'm rambling so much!  I'm feeling quite anxious just because I'm nearing the end and I want more information about everything at every moment.  And that is making it hard to concentrate on anything else.

Let me try again.

At my ultrasound today, I got this picture:

14 follies 9mm or bigger.  The largest is 23mm.  I'm happy with the number.  The 9's may or may not be mature enough at transfer, but even if they're not, 11 or 12 would make me very happy.

The NP said that depending on my blood test results, I will either trigger tonight or tomorrow night which means retrieval either Wednesday or Thursday.  YAY!

But that's also where my brain goes into overdrive.

Note: We are in block schedule at school right now for state testing.  I have each class for two hours, one day the odds, the next, evens.  This means I only have a prep period every other day.  Throughout my time at the RE, I've been able to schedule 90% of my appointments during my prep period (which connects with lunch).  Since block start, my prep has only lined up with 2/3 ultrasounds...meaning lots of teachers covering my classes out of the kindness of their hearts.

Scenario A: Trigger tonight.  Need sub for Wednesday.  Wednesday is still state testing, so it'll be a pretty easy day to plan.  If I'm out Thursday, it's odd block day which means two hours of the freshman for the sub - reading Romeo and Juliet - ouch.  I'm going to have to work very hard to come up with a good plan for them.

Scenario B:  Trigger tomorrow night.  Go in for another ultrasound tomorrow.  Find someone to cover my class tomorrow at the last minute since I do not have a prep period.  Out on Thursday (see above).  Potentially out on Friday.  No big deal because the classes will repeat Thursday's work.

I'm hoping for the trigger tonight.  I still have to do the same amount of planning, but do not need any other teachers to cover for me.  Hopefully they call back soon!

*     *     *     *     *

And now a bit about Estradiol (E2).  I've seeing a lot mentioned about Estradiol levels in other blogs who are cycling right now.  My levels have been 198 on Day 6, 500ish on Day 8, and whatever today is.  I'm seeing many people with much higher levels as well as one scientific article (from 2001) that says higher is basically better.  My RE said that it's impossible to compare because the E2 level depends on the number of follicles and that as long as it's rising, it's good.  So I guess my levels are fine...just wanted to put the info out there.

*     *     *     *     *
And now a few questions for you:

1. How many of you needed to take an additional day off after transfer?
2. Why do I have to take off my nail polish for the egg retrieval?  (not important - just curious!) : )


  1. 1. I'm not planning on taking another day off, although it will depend on how bloated I am. Of course, I work in an office and am not on my feet too much. I would have everything ready in case you need to take a sick day, but hopefully you won't!

    2. I would love to know the answer to this! I thought that was a funny thing too :)

    I haven't been able to find much on what is the "right" E2 level. I know it shouldn't be low or high, but there are so many numbers in the middle! It all feels like magic to me.

    I'm so glad to hear things are moving along. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  2. I'm a first time visitor through ICLW. Best of luck with your cycle. Will be thinking of you. :)

    Kind regards,


  3. I'm not sure about why you would need to do it for egg retrieval, but for most hospital procedures or out patient procedures, you have to remove your nail polish because the coloring under your finger nails is the first sign that something is wrong. They check there to make sure your circulation is ok. Some people say that nail polish can also interfere with the pulse monitor, which often clips onto your finger.

    1. Thank you! I do go under anesthesia, so both of those things might be it. I figured there was a good reason... : )

  4. PS- GOOD LUCK THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!

  5. Wow - those look like great #s for your follies! Good luck this week! I'll be thinking of you.

  6. Great numbers!! Fingers and toes crossed for you this week! Good luck with scheduling too. Scheduling stress is one of the worst side effects of IF treatment I think. ;) Yay for Wed or Thurs!

  7. 1. I didn't have to take off my nail polish for retrieval but did read that some clinics have you do that. I'm assuming it has to do with having you under and being able to see if the color changes, in the event that something goes wrong.
    2. I didn't have to work the day after my retrieval because I was on school vacation. I could have gone to work, I probably would have been tired and not as productive. You'll sleep a lot the day of. Just remember to take it slow the next day (as slow as you can as a teacher) I can imagine that lots of time on your feet may tire you out. drink tons of fluids!!!
    Can't wait to hear the next step

  8. I had my transfer yesterday, I relaxed and enjoyed the day on the couch.
    I didn't take today off. But I'm more sedetary at work.
    Whatever you do wear comfy clothes the day after!!!!

    I'm not sure about the nail polish, I just know mine had to be off for retrieval and transfer - naked piggies!! :)

    Good Luck!!!
    Can't wait to hear your fert. rate!!!!


  9. 1. I didn't have to work after my retrieval or my transfers (lucky me). Regarding retrieval, it's all a matter of how you're feeling. I was fortunate to be feeling fine after retrieval, but not everyone does. As far as transfer, it's a matter of what your clinic prescribes. I was ordered to be on 24 hour bed-rest and I know others have gone as long as 72 hrs. But other clinics are not as strict.

    2. Regarding the nail polish: it's all a matter of how clean your embryology lab is. The way the transfer room was set up, I was warned not to wear any scents as it can (and has) affected the embryos. I think nail polish falls into that category. I don't know exactly why, but I would follow their guidelines.

    Best of luck!!!

  10. I'm visiting from ICLW, and wanted to wish you the best of luck with your retrieval and IVF cycle! I have no advice as I've not been through IVF yet, but hopeful some others can give you good advice

  11. Between you and sass I feel like I am learning so much about IVF! Thanks so much for continuing to update us, thinking of you and hoping for a smooth retrieval. Sub plans, they always make everything difficult!!

  12. I took the day off after my transfer (a Friday) then lounged all weekend. My clinic didn't recommend bed rest, but the other clinic in town still has people do two days of bed rest. I can't remember anything being said about nail polish, but it was the middle of winter and my toes weren't painted at the time. They were pretty strict about the no scents rule. I didn't even let my husband wear deodorant for fear he won't be able to come in for the transfer. :) Good luck with your trigger!

  13. I needed a long time to recover from retrieval. 3 days I think when they said just take a day or two off. They also suggested bed rest for the 3 days after transfer. I did, but I didn't get pregnant, it was nice to relax my mind and body though.

    They have you take your nail polish off so they can see if your nail beds turn blue. Since you are under, it is one of the signs they check to make sure you are getting enough oxygen while you are under. :)

    Great size follies! Remember they'll grow about 2 more mm once you trigger. :)

    Good luck!

  14. 1. I was in PAIN the day after, and the day after that. My retrieval was on a Monday and I only worked a half day that Friday. Lots of ow. But then again, they retrieved 30-ish eggs, so... yeah.

    2. I believe the nail polish thing is for being under anethesia, in case your oxygen levels drop.

    3. I've heard mature follies emit around 200-300 units e2 each, so you can estimate the number of mature follies based on your levels. Mine peaked at 4200.

    Good luck!

  15. Those follicles look awesome! Do you know yet whether you'll trigger tonight or tomorrow? Hope you get a good answer. Fingers crossed for you!

  16. Also, I read somewhere that estradiol levels are different between different countries - so what you see and are comparing to someone else may not be the same as yours, if you know what I mean.

    Your ovaries are looking so GOOD. They're equally active, and they're a good size. Is it bad that I'm jealous of your follies?

    *kicks stupid ovaries*

  17. I cant answer ur questions but I'm hear from ICLW and just wanted to say GL & Send u lots of sticky baby dust!!!!!! KMFX for u!!!!

  18. I did my transfer Sunday a.m. this week, slept most of Sunday, was still pretty bloated and a little crampy on Monday. I don't work on Mondays usually, so that was good. I did ride in the car to run a couple of errands and that didn't feel so great, especially going over bumps. Today I'm less bloated/crampy, but I decided to work from home anyway so that I could keep wearing my sweatpants :) For transfer day (either Wednesday or Friday - still waiting on that call) they want me on pretty strict bed rest for 48 hours.

    They didn't say anything about nail polish to me, but I wasn't wearing any either.

    Good luck to you!

  19. Hello! I'm here from ICLW. I love the picture. Thanks for posting it. It really brings a bit of realism to a surreal affair. I just had an ultrasound after a Clomid cycle. It was the first time I've glimpsed 21 mm follicles. Those suckers are huge! I can only imagine what its like to have 15 of them. Best of luck this cycle!