Monday, April 30, 2012

Progesterone Complaints and an Update

I am anxiously awaiting "the call" to see how the chickies are doing and when we transfer tomorrow.  This would be the only day they actually don't call me until the afternoon!  Since I am waiting to call a sub (I secretly might not take the day off tomorrow...crazy?)  I just don't have any more good lessons the kids can do without me there.  And the AP test is in 2 weeks!  But I need to know a time to know if this is even in the realm of possibility.

But this post is about Progesterone.  I'm taking 1 pill orally in the morning and evening as well as 1 Endometrin suppository at the same time.

The Endometrin sucks.  The discharge is disgusting.  Thick and chalky, but also chunks.  Gross.  I'm seriously contemplating switching to the PIO shots, but I already have all of the Endometrin. I don't know if I can handle it for 3 months though.

And I'm getting slight blurriness and dizziness again like I did on Estrace.  It sucks too.  I just feel a little spacey.

Anyway.  I will update when I have more information.

*     *     *     *     *

Ok, got the call.

We have:

  • 2 morulae stage embryos (ideal stage)
  • 2 compacted (right before morulae)
  • 2 compacting 
  • 1 8 cell
  • 1 5 cell
So they're all still alive and kicking, but the 5 cell probably won't make it to freeze.  

Transfer is at 12:30 pm (Pacific) tomorrow.

I asked about freezing and he said it's usually 30-40% that make it to freeze.  We will be using 2, so that leaves 5 with a strong possibility of getting to freeze, but some don't survive the actually freezing process (I don't think).  So I'm going to hope for 2 frosties.

I'm very excited and definitely starting to worry about a BFN and how I will react.

One day at a time, right?


  1. Yay embabies! Good luck on your transfer! xoxo

  2. One day at a time. Glad to hear your embies are doing well. I did both Endometrium and PIO. My PIO shots didn't hurt for the first few times. Then I got welts on my bum. I had to sit on a pad. But then the day after my transfer the PIO shots stop hurting completely...that kind of made me think my cycle failed, which it did. I say if you're good at pain go with the PIO, if not the Endometrium may be icky but at least it doesn't hurt. New follower!

  3. What great news about your embabies!!!! One more day until you're PUPO :)
    I was on PIO shots for about 10 weeks and they were honestly not bad, I like them much better than suppositories!

  4. That's awesome! Congrats on (almost FX) making it to transfer! About the sub thing... Ask yourself, if this cycle fails (godforbid), will you blame it on not resting that day, or at least question it? If the answer is yes, then just take the day off. You won't have any regrets that way.

    Good luck tomorrow!

    1. I forgot to edit that part. It's at 12:15 so no chance of trying to teach. Day off it is.

  5. They're doing so great!

    I will be thinking of you tomorrow. Huzzah - TWW! :)

  6. This is fantastic! Good luck tomorrow! Lots of sticky thoughts your way!

  7. Good luck! I hope things continue along wonderfully right to a BFP!

  8. Good luck on your transfer tomorrow! xoxo

  9. Yah- they are growing perfectly!!!! Good luck on transfer and I hope you are taking the day off and maybe even the next day!!!! You and your baby/ babies deserve the best chance to STICK!!!