Saturday, April 21, 2012

Starting to Feel It

I'm uncomfortable.

And really glad that I bought myself some new "IVF" sweatpants.  Sweatpants make me happy.  They are purple and soft and I love them.

I started to really "feel" my ovaries yesterday (Day 7 of stims).  They just feel large.  It's kind of hard to describe, but now I get the no major activity during stims rule.  Do you think golf will be fine?  Ovary torsion sounds like one of the scariest most horrible tortures ever invented.

I was also kind of crampy yesterday.  Like pre-AF crampy.  For me, sometimes this goes into my upper legs.  Like yesterday.  And my boobs hurts a little (and I NEVER have boob pain).  It's extremely annoying having hormonal symptoms when you know you are not pregnant.

My tummy is also very sore.  I have had 2 shots bleed, both on the left side.  I was going to try to avoid this side for awhile, but starting last night, I now have 2 shots instead of 1.  The Cetrotide actually hurt a lot less than the Bravelle/Menopur combo.  That one stings a bit going in.  I didn't feel anything with the Cetrotide.

Here's a quick list of the numbers (You'll like this Belle!)

  • 11 needles inserted (9 at home, 2 blood draws)
  • 3 bruises (2 on belly, one on arm)
And the "trash":
  • 9 syringes and their wrappings
  • 8 alcohol swabs
  • 8 Q caps
  • 18 needles (every syringe comes with a big scary one - then I put on a much smaller one)
  • 16 bottles of Bravelle
  • 9 bottles of Menopur
  • 8 bottles of Sodium Chloride
  • 1 bottle of Cetrotide

I had another first last night too!  I brought all of my stuff and shot myself up at my sister's house.  I was hoping no one asked what was taking so long when I got up in the middle of the movie.  But 4 out of the 5 people probably guessed what was going on.  (I went over there because my dad came down for the night.  He knows we are trying, but I haven't discussed any medical stuff with him.  Mostly because his girlfriend is a weirdo who would find someway to make it awkward.  She's the one who told me she thought I was pregnant when I posted on Facebook about having food poisoning.  And said she had a dream that I was having a girl at Thanksgiving.  Both of these incidents were after a year of trying unsuccessfully which she knew.)

Everything went well!

I'm at school right now proctoring a Practice AP Test for my kids.  I'm wearing my wonderful sweatpants and I don't care what they think about it!


  1. Love the counts!

    I was miserably uncomfortable my last few days of stims. I took a few luke warm baths with epsom salts (not a hot bath, just luke warm so I would not boil the eggies) and that helped with some of the upper leg cramping, which I also get at AF time. Oh, and the yoga Legs Up A Wall pose helps a ton with the pre-period cramps. Hang in there, only a few more sleeps till retrieval! xoxo

  2. I am feeling things now too! I was trying to explain how it felt to BG my ovaries are heavy and I can feel them with each step.

    Glad to hear you're wearing stretchy clothes! They make all the difference. And, good luck with your next blood test and ultrasound! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  3. I too love the counts! It's crazy how many times we get stuck with needles! I got two shots this week for a sinus infection and didn't even flinch. I used to be TERRIFIED of needles, but NO MORE! HAH! =)

  4. Glad you have your sweatpants! You are incredibly smart to have thought about purchasing these. I wasn't as bright and paid for it near the end of stimming.

    Love the counts. There's something so gratifying about throwing things away. Fingers crossed for more good news soon. In the meantime, GROW FOLLIES GROW!!!

  5. I feel gigantic! Sore, swollen, and living in elastic waist skirts. :)

  6. Hello from ICLW! I'm also on my first IVF round - stims start tonight! Eek! I'm glad that we connected and I look forward to sharing exciting news with each other soon! Thinking of you!

  7. Hello! I stumbled across your blog just now and realized we are in almost the exact same stage of things, in terms of IVF #1. I started stims last Friday and retrieval is set for bright and early tomorrow a.m. I'm terrified! Anyway, wanted to wish you luck.

  8. That's very exciting! Uncomfortable, but exciting:) Thinking of you!

  9. Oh, sweatpants, how sweet they are. Good luck for the rest of stims! I can't wait to hear how things progress. :)

  10. Ouch... that's an impressive count ! FXd for you xo

  11. Here from ICLW - I am a teacher too (elementary). Want to wish you all the best with your cycle!

    ICLW #22