Thursday, April 12, 2012

Update & Ovarian Reserve Stats

Got the test results.  (They called me by 2:00 which was nice.)  I doubled checked that they were the right ones over the phone and then again when I picked them up.  They are!  Imagine that!

So my AMH is 1.9.
FSH is 10.6
AFC is 16.

I guess this is all "fine."  Especially because of the AFC. 

I'm not freaking out because I kind of expected the results.  

Am I right?

As a reference, my clinic requires AMH over 2 and FSH below 9 for the "Success Guarantee" Program.  (They let me do the program anyway knowing the FSH value, but not the AMH.)

I will definitely post the results of my baseline ultrasound tomorrow.  I haven't ever had a cyst that I've known of, so I really hope I don't tomorrow. 

Oh and here's a pic of my medications on my pool table for good measure:

That's 5 boxes of Bravelle, 2 sharps containers, 3 boxes of Menopur, 3 boxes of Endometrin, various pills, and lots of syringes and needles.


  1. Great AFC! And love the obligatory med photo... It's awfully overwhelming, huh? Good luck on your baseline!

  2. I love the pictures of the meds! It helps to show them to people who aren't going through IF stuff. The girls I work with always freak out at the amount of injections we need! Good Luck!! =)

  3. So glad that you finally got your results. You're AFC is fantastic! Mine at best was 10 - so you are looking great :)

    Sending you lots of positive thoughts!